Who We Are


Discretionary Macro Trading

Maniyar Capital ("MC") is an investment management firm focused on discretionary macro trading.


    Maniyar Capital is based in London at 25 Soho Square. The firm features a broad and diverse team of professionals who apply new and innovative approaches to the challenging field of discretionary macro trading. The firm has a global clientele which includes public funds, corporate pensions, insurance companies, endowments, health care organisations, hedge fund advisors, family offices, and private investors.



    Dharmesh Maniyar is a data scientist by training who pivoted into the discretionary macro trading world in 2007. Dharmesh worked at two of the preeminent firms in the space, Brevan Howard and Tudor, before spinning out from Tudor to start his own firm, Maniyar Capital, in 2020.  Tudor and Maniyar are strategic partners.



    We believe that Maniyar Capital has a distinctive “edge”, namely an investment approach that analyses the field of global macro trading through a quantitative lens. Our team has decades of trading experience combined with deep expertise in mathematics, computer science, and data science. We believe that  this blend of experience and skills contribute to our “edge”. Our investment approach recognizes that managers must innovate and adapt in order to succeed, particularly since global financial markets have evolved dramatically since the Global Financial Crisis. 

What We Do


Advanced quantitative techniques

The MC investment team evaluates investment opportunities across interest rate, fixed income, equity, currency, commodity, and credit markets on a global basis.

The team utilizes advanced quantitative techniques as part of the investment management process, sourcing and structuring trades, creating a portfolio, monitoring positions, and seeking returns that feature little or no correlation to traditional asset classes.

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